About XBody Liverpool

About EMS

Electrical Muscle Stimulation uses electrical impulses to contract muscles. Originally designed as a medical therapy, EMS is suitable for everyone regardless of age, fitness levels and BMI.

Research demonstrates that EMS positively impacts body fat, body measurements, chronic back pain and circulation. EMS is gentle on joints as it does not depend on high impact training or weights to achieve results. This reduces the risk of strain and injury.

About XBody

XBody utilises EMS via an ergonomically designed suit worn during your workout. As well as outer muscles, XBody works on deep, inner muscles. 20 minutes of XBody is equivalent to 3-4 hours spent in the gym.

Achieve Your Goals

EMS is intensive and effective.

20 Minutes Training

You don’t need any more. You will complete 12-15 functional exercises per workout.

Up To 18 Times More Effective

Scientific research* proves that EMS training is 18 times more efficient than a conventional work out. 20 minutes EMS replaces up to 6 hours of conventional training. It is designed to work around 90% of the total muscular system simultaneously, instead of individual muscle groups.

Personal Training

You never train alone. Our XBody certificated PTs know how to use the XBody devices precisely and will direct you during your session for optimum results.

Stay on Track

Fixed appointments keep you on track and ensure all equipment is available for your slot.

Fitness for Life

Body fat is reduced, tissue strengthened and your metabolism is activated.

*Research carried out by University Bayreuth, University Erlangen (Germany), University college of Nyíregyháza (Hungary), Louisiana State University Medical School (USA).